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Red Concepts founded

2002 - RED Concepts was founded BY Luke Bruins. And situated at the parklaan 1 in Haarlem at the time.



2005 - Delivery of the TripleO Campus. A former firestation developed into a creative multi-tenant campus, Offering workingspaces for 100+ medium-sized and mid-sized creative companies.


Working visit King 

2006 - Current Dutch King Willem Alexander made a working visit to the Red Concepts office.



2007 - Red Concepts reached its first phase redevelopment for Viacom as part of the old NDSM shipyard redevelopment in Amsterdam.

JPEG-afbeelding 5.jpeg

Visit Minister of economic affairs

2008 - Project visit of the Dutch minister of Economic affairs Maria van der Hoven. Getting to know more about the Amsterdam NDSM development.


Opening Humanity house

2010 - for the international red Cross Red Concepts developed the Humanity House Museum. 

Red Concepts was responsible for the RE development as well as the exposition development.

Princess Margriet did open the Musuem at December 9.

JPEG-afbeelding 7.jpeg

Winner zero emission housing

2012 - Red Concepts won the zero emission competition and got to realise the first zero emission social housing project in The Netherlands.

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First WeBuildhomes

2014 - the first WeBuildhomes were delivered in Mariahoeve, The Hague. In the following years more projects in The Haque, Enschede, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Aalsmeer would follow.

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International acknowledged

2015 - WeBuildhomes was selected as ‘the game changer in the housing and building industry’ by the Oxford University press. 


FRAME Offices 

2018 - Frame Offices International signed a contract with the Azerion Group for their EU Office Roll out.

By the end of 2020 the first development has been delivered in Helsinki

Schermafbeelding 2020-01-12 om 23.21.13.

VALO Luxery retreats launch

2019 - VALO Luxery Retreats got founded to facilitate the high-end Nordic holiday market. VALO is a joint venture with the Dutchen Group.  


Projects in Lapland (Finland) and Oland (Sweden) started it’s exploitation in 2022.

North pointing pic.png

Acquisition island in Helsinki

2021 - Hylkysaari  OY, a joint venture of VALO and three Norwegian investors, acquired the historical Hylkysaari island in front of the Helsinki city Centre. 

Coming years it will be developed into a private island resort.


Lapland Luxury Hotel

2024 - Valo Lapland Hotel Investments Oy was established and acquired land to develop the most authentic & luxurious hotel in Lapland.

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